Sherry Kaltenbach

I started Especially Specialties in 1992 and the industry has changed tremendously since then when every bit of correspondence was produced on a typewriter and sent in the mail.  I remember telling my grandmother shortly thereafter about this incredible invention, the fax machine.  Needless to say, our fax machine now gets very little use.  Logos are emailed instead of being sent overnight, and we love being able to respond quickly to emails so our clients get information, ideas, estimates, and orders processed at a super-efficient pace!

Just starting out years ago, I took a call on a Sunday afternoon from a gentleman who needed beach balls quickly for a donation to a summer children’s program.  He was surprised that someone answered the phone on a Sunday but I was so happy to help, got the beach balls delivered, and he became a wonderful client for many years.  I don’t forget how things get started and how personal service matters.  My attention is on what you need and how I can best get it for you.

Through the years, I’ve dabbled in (and still enjoy) singing.  And, I’ve acted on a passion for rescuing dogs who find themselves homeless by no fault of their own.   I recently married the love of my life who I hadn’t seen in 26 years.  God brings such unexpected blessings.

With all that life brings, I keep things going, enjoy my work, and look forward to a lasting and friendly business relationship with my customers, hopefully to include you!

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